Apple updated macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS

After longer time, Apple updated all of its operating systems and also Apple released new software update for HomePod with support for Indian English Siri voices and, as Apple said, general improvements for stability and quality. More detailed review for every operating system is available below. As usual, backup all your data to at least two places before… Read More »

Twitter will no longer compress uploaded photos, if few conditions are met

We are uploading many photos on social networks. And because service providers want to save money on server costs, services are compressing uploaded photos and other multimedia files, mostly videos. This is something what professional photographers hate. If you are one of them and you are publishing your photos on social networks, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you… Read More »

Wunderlist is being shutting down

I remember Wunderlist as my first third-party to-do manager. I’m former blogger writing for one slovak Apple blog and we were using Wunderlist there. Good design and team collaboration where just terrific. When Microsoft announced it has acquired Wunderlist, it was a warning sign. When big company acquires popular service, it usually means that company is working on… Read More »