Mobile data on iOS 9 and Wi-Fi Assist

By | 05/06/2016

Do you have iPhone or cellular version of iPad? And do you have iOS 9? Are you using cellular data with limited free data? Then this article is for you, I will tell you about feature called Wi-Fi Assist. This feature may be unwanted and it may significantly affect your bills, especially if you are abroad! Microsoft was… Read More »

ViewExif – metadata for your iOS device

By | 04/06/2016

Did you know, that photos taken by your iPhone’s camera contain some informations like GPS data? It may impact yout privacy when sharing a photo. Hopefully, most social networks purge these data, but social networks are not the only way to share your photos. For example, you may want to send photo by e-mail. These data are called… Read More »

Apple Pencil Review

By | 31/05/2016

With release of iPad Pro in late 2015, Apple made its own stylus – Apple Pencil. It is the first made by Apple stylus for iOS devices. Although former Apple CEO Steve Jobs said “who wants a stylus?” while introducing first iPhone, Apple Pencil is here. For some situations, stylus is better than finger, for example for drawing.… Read More »

iOS 9 Content Blockers for Safari

By | 29/05/2016

Nobody likes flashing banners, pop-ups and other types of annoying ads. Classic desktop browsers did get many ad-blocking plugins, but default mobile browser on iOS, Safari, did not. You had to install another 3rd party browser with included feature, like ad blocking. Yea, full browser for one feature. And if you wanted another feature which was not included… Read More »

Barometer for iPhone and iPad

By | 28/05/2016

Barometer is a device used to measure atmospheric pressure. It can help to forecast short term changes in the weather. It’s based on high/normal/low atmospheric pressure. Normal atmospheric pressure is set at 101.325 kPa. High atmospheric pressure means clear sky and sunny, while low atmospheric pressure means low temperature and cloudy, with chance to rain. But please note,… Read More »

Apple’s Family Sharing vs. in-app purchases

By | 25/05/2016

Family Sharing is a service from Apple, which allows you and your family to share some purchased content from Apple, like apps from the App Store. Family Sharing is limited by maximum of total 6 members, every member needs his/her own Apple ID. You can set-up your Family Sharing by guide from Apple, just click HERE. You will… Read More »