HEIF and HEVC – new formats of multimedia

By | 18/04/2018

Do you remember HD-ready TVs? And later Full HD resolution? In that times, it was something amazing. But time flies, we got 4K resolution, HDR technology, and the main “issue” – much increased bitrate, which is critical to use services like streaming movies via Internet provided by services like Netflix. High data demanding tasks like streaming 60 FPS… Read More »

“Hacking” URL linking on iOS

By | 10/04/2018

On classic computers, including systems with Windows, macOS and Linux, it’s easy to create shortcuts. Just imagine a Windows app, which is, usually, “hidden” in Program Files directory. It’s so simple to make shortcut on desktop or Start Menu, so your favourite apps are always with you. You can even group shortcuts to folders or categories, and it… Read More »

Modular Mac Pro is delayed

By | 06/04/2018

Macs called Mac Pro are desktop workstations for very performance-hungry tasks like editing 4K 60 FPS videos or even virtual reality. Macs Pro were modular machines. Modular means, that you can replace hardware, like processor, graphics card or motherboard, etc. – yea, even on a Mac. But later in 2013, a Trashcan appeared. A black Mac Pro was… Read More »

What to expect in iOS 12?

By | 15/02/2018

iOS 11 was huge leap for iPad, but iOS 11 itself was very buggy. With macOS High Sierra, these operating systems became the most buggied systems in last years of Apple’s history. After upgrade to iOS 11.2.1, many users of iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus experienced problems with autofocus on iPhones’ cameras. Another bug was on iOS… Read More »

iPads from 2017 – Pro or budget edition? Which one?

By | 14/02/2018

In 2017, Apple released two types of iPad – a Pro edition with 12.9-inch and brand-new 10.5-inch size – and a budget edition 9.7-inch iPad named simple “iPad”. It looks like Apple wants to separate iPads for professionals known as “iPad Pro” and for common customers as “iPad” – without “Pro” in name. I personally own 12.9-inch 2017… Read More »

Why should get iPad Pro more RAM?

By | 12/02/2018

iPad Pro from Apple is often compared to Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Microsoft often points to its hardware – like ARM SoC instead of Intel Core i7, only 4 GB RAM compared to 16 GB RAM and higher storage options (512 GB with iPad Pro vs. 1 TB with Surface Pro). Also, Surface Pro runs full Windows 10 operating… Read More »