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Former Wunderlist owner wants his service back

By | 08/09/2019

Wunderlist is a to-do list application. When I was finding some app for managing my to-do list, Wunderlist was the first one I used for a longer time. I also tried Todoist, OmniFocus and even Apple’s Reminders app, until I definitely decided for Things 3 from Cultured Code. Consistency between platforms I use is very important for me… Read More »

GitHub is blocking access from some areas due to US sanctions

By | 29/07/2019

Future is in the cloud. You may say yes or no, but some services are already – obviously – cloud-based, like e-mail or social networks. Also, some kinds of Internet services are expected to work as cloud service – like GitHub, a code-hosting service used by many software developers. And fact, that GitHub is cloud-based service, means that… Read More »

Dying Windows Phone is dead even more

By | 04/07/2019

I was resisting to smartphones for the long time, though I had iPad already, but finally I decided to get my first smartphone. It was Lumia 640 running Windows Mobile. It was low-end model, but system was very fast and without lags. I had also some Android smartphones before I finally got an iPhone, and I have to… Read More »

Affinity Publisher is here

By | 20/06/2019

Adobe products are here for years and became the industry standard. Since Adobe changed its pricing policy and turned into subscription model, many users are finding alternatives. The best competitor is Serif. It released Affinity Photo as Adobe Photoshop killer and Affinity Designer to replace Adobe Illustrator. Serif released its product for Mac and Windows, and, of course,… Read More »

New iCloud app for PC

By | 12/06/2019

Apple’s apps for Windows PC, like iTunes, QuickTime or Safari, are trash. And the same applies to iCloud for Windows. Every big platform, like Apple, Microsoft and Google, requires its own bloated account. Do you want to use Word on your Android device? Then you need both bloated Google and bloated Microsoft account. And then to join Apple… Read More »

EternalBlue strikes again

By | 26/05/2019

Since May 7th, US city Baltimore is under ransomware attack, reports The Verge. It affected government services like its e-mail systems and systems for other government services. According to security experts, hackers used EternalBlue, a “technology” developed by NSA for high-profile cyberattacks, which was stolen from NSA in April 2017 by hacker group The ShadowBrokers. NSA was reportedly… Read More »

Microsoft open sourced its smart algorithm

By | 18/05/2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is present everywhere, even if we don’t recognize it. Our smartphones feature smart assistants like Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. Some of the high-end mobile SoCs already include neural network accelerator, like Neural Engine in A12 chip found in iPhone Xs (including Xs Max and Xr) or AI engine in Snapdragon… Read More »