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Cortana will lose some features

By | 02/03/2020

Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. Voice assistants are more and more popular, though I personally don’t use any of them, maybe with little exception of Siri as I’m an Apple user. To be honest, Apple’s Siri is behind any of main voice assistants. While companies usually add feature after feature, Microsoft will remove some… Read More »

Microsoft updated To-Do with Siri Shortcuts support

By | 19/12/2019

Wunderlist will be shutted down on May 6, 2020, as we informed HERE. This is sad news for all loyal Wunderlist users. I was using Wunderlist too. After acquisition by Microsoft, I was finding new task manager. I tried Omnifocus, Todoist and some others and I have finally chosen Things 3. Microsoft’s To-Do was evolving slowly and it… Read More »

Microsoft delayed end of Windows 10 Mobile support

By | 16/12/2019

If you want a smartphone, you have usually only two operating systems to choose from – Android and iOS. It’s shame what did Microsoft with its Windows 10 Mobile. I’m former user of Lumia smartphone and I liked Windows 10 Mobile. Though my heart belongs to Apple, Windows 10 Mobile was very good operating system, I liked it… Read More »

Still on Windows 7? Time to move

By | 12/12/2019

Windows 7 is still popular. One of the reason are bugs in Windows 10. Forced updates, that may break your PC or reset your settings or replace drivers are big issue. Also there was a bug which caused to remove your files from OneDrive if few conditions were met. Also, looking at “installing 13 of 37 updates” when… Read More »

Wunderlist is being shutting down

By | 10/12/2019

I remember Wunderlist as my first third-party to-do manager. I’m former blogger writing for one slovak Apple blog and we were using Wunderlist there. Good design and team collaboration where just terrific. When Microsoft announced it has acquired Wunderlist, it was a warning sign. When big company acquires popular service, it usually means that company is working on… Read More »

Use strong passwords, Microsoft warns

By | 09/12/2019

Some users can’t learn from their own mistakes. Many users are using weak passwords and passcodes, often using common words or passwords like “12345” or year of birth as 4-numbered passcode on their mobile phone. Microsoft checked more than 3 000 000 000 leached login credentials from various sources, like public leaked databases or databases from criminal acts.… Read More »

Our beloved Notepad pulled from Microsoft Store

By | 06/12/2019

As we informed HERE, Microsoft decided to distribute Notepad via Microsoft Store, outside of Windows 10 releases. It made sense, Notepad could be updated outside Windows 10’s release cycles and Microsoft could deal with bugs more swiftly. In August 2019, Microsoft described Notepad as “well-loved text editor in Windows for over 30 years”. But now, company pulled Notepad… Read More »

Ransomware Cyborg is masked as an update, abusing Microsoft’s e-mail

By | 22/11/2019

In short, ransomware is a malicious software, which installs itself on victim’s computer and then, or after some time to mask its presence, it begins to encrypt your files. Your files are then encrypted and unusable till you pay ransom to attackers via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency – and sometimes, attackers won’t send decryption key to unlock your… Read More »