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New SSDs for NAS devices

By | 26/10/2019

NAS is great device. Imagine it as a small computer which serves as network disk and is available to all users in your LAN. Optionally, a lot of models allows you to access it from Internet, outside of your home LAN. More advanced NAS devices also allow you to install your own 3rd-party apps. Personally, I use Dropbox… Read More »

What you should know before buying USB 3 stick?

By | 07/08/2016

Almost all modern computers are equiped with USB ports. We use them to connect external devices like mouses, keyboards, cameras, printers, mobile phones, tablets… and USB sticks. USB sticks are useful – they are very portable and you don’t need any software to copy data between computer and USB stick. Services like clouds need Internet connection, capacity is… Read More »