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NVidia announced cheap GPUs based on Pascal

By | 20/10/2016

NVidia officially announced the most cheapest GPUs of Pascal family – GTX 1050 and more-powered GTX 1050 Ti. These GPUs are first desktop GPUs powered by cores GP107 manufactured by Samsung with 14-nm FinFET technology. Older Pascal chips were equiped with 16nm FinFET technology manufactured by TSMC. These graphics cards should be available at 25. October. What’s the… Read More »

What you should know before buying USB 3 stick?

By | 07/08/2016

Almost all modern computers are equiped with USB ports. We use them to connect external devices like mouses, keyboards, cameras, printers, mobile phones, tablets… and USB sticks. USB sticks are useful – they are very portable and you don’t need any software to copy data between computer and USB stick. Services like clouds need Internet connection, capacity is… Read More »

Net Analyzer for iOS

By | 22/06/2016

Did you ever want a powerful network analyzer right in your iOS device? An app to see many infos about your Local Area Network (LAN)? An app to diagnose possible network and Internet connection problems? In App Store are many apps to do this tasks, I have tried many of them and the best I found was Net… Read More »