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Samsung announced hi-end Android tablet

By | 01/08/2019

In the beginning, tablets were very popular, but now sales are lower. It’s not only because of longer lifespan of tablets without any significant software or hardware improvements, but they are also canibalized by big smartphones. The biggest smartphones are matching size of smaller tablets, so there is no reason why such owners should purchase a tablet. Also,… Read More »

Google abandoned its tablets

By | 21/06/2019

Tablets are here for ages, but they had very limited functionality and were very expensive. Some tablets (and old smartphones) even did not support touch and had to be controlled via stylus. And then, first iPad arrived. As Apple re-invented modern smartphone, it also re-invented modern tablet. Big touch screen with multitouch and simple interface were killing features.… Read More »

Better times for Android updates

By | 08/05/2019

Android from Google is the most used mobile operating system. Unlike Apple’s iOS, which is only licensed for its Apple devices, many vendors use Android as operating system for their smartphones. Almost every company makes its own modifications and it leads into situation when only few smartphones on the market got the newest version. Cheap smartphones often got… Read More »

Android top apps for me

By | 13/12/2016

Year 2016 is slowly ending. I enjoy to use my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, especially with that great S-Pen, so I decided to write about my top 3 apps I use on my Android device. It’s just content consuming, so nothing like file management or office or even programming. Although Galaxy Note 4 got large screen with its… Read More »

Huawei MediaPad M2 8 LTE – first contact

By | 20/08/2016

I got good opportunity to get tablet from my mobile operator, so I have decided to get Android tablet. For our I’m writing primarily about world of Apple, so this was reason to get Android tablet, because I wanted to explore Android. I have already iPad Pro and Lark FreeMe X4 7 HD. That Lark was my… Read More »