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Warcraft III: Reforged release date revealed

By | 18/12/2019

Warcraft (don’t confuse with World of Warcraft) is game of my childhood. I remember when we had one family computer equiped with Pentium I CPU, 32 MB of RAM and 512 MB HDD. I played Warcraft and its sequel Warcraft II. First time I played Warcraft III was in school. I was thrilled by graphics. It were times… Read More »

Microsoft drafted famous streamer from Twitch to its own streaming service

By | 06/08/2019

What’s interesting on watching other streamers playing computer games? It’s something like watching other professional players playing football. Someone likes watching his popular NBA team playing basketball, someone likes to watch Twitch streamers playing his favorite game. I’m mostly watching Warcraft 3, but I’m also watching Doom speedruns on YouTube. I start watching game videos when I was… Read More »

DotA 2 and paid ability to block toxic players

By | 20/05/2019

Here are many freemium games with in-app purchases for additional content, especially on mobile platforms. I play only one such game – Real Racing 3. Many cars cost over 600 gold and upgrades – which you need to pass to next races – can multiply the gold you needed for initial car purchase. With in-app purchases, you can… Read More »

Heroes of Might & Magic III -> a legendary game

By | 15/01/2017

Some games are legendary. Most of today’s games are just based on graphic effects, marketing and extremely hardware requirements, without soul. You need nVidia GTX 1080 to play at 4K resolution because of “stunning graphic”, which is still not photorealistic as it should be, but hardware requirements are higher, so task is done. And of course, it does… Read More »