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New 16-inch hi-end MacBook Pro is here

By | 14/11/2019

Apple today revealed its long-rumored 16-inch hi-end MacBook Pro and it also replaced older models with 15.4-inch display. Display is larger, but thanks to slimmer bezels, the size of new MacBook Pro is almost the same. It features 3072 x 1920 pixels of resolution and up to 500 nits of brightness, which is useful in terrain or outdoor… Read More »

Apple updated iOS and iPadOS

By | 08/11/2019

iPhones and iPads running iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 suffered memory management bug, which causes that running apps were killed too aggressively. As we informed HERE, Apple was working to fix his issue. And it was faster than we expected. Apple just released iOS / iPadOS 13.2.2, which addresses this issue. With this patch, your apps should not… Read More »

Beta of iOS 13.3 fixes multitasking bug

By | 06/11/2019

Not only me, but, based on feedback from Internet from the whole World, many iOS 13 (iPhones and iPods touch) and iPadOS 13 (iPads) users experience poor multitasking performance, especially on version 13.2 of iOS/iPadOS. Apps in background are killed very fast, due to poor RAM management. I was finding some apps in the App Store app, then… Read More »

Photoshop for iPad is here

By | 05/11/2019

In the beginning of iPad, there were no professional apps for it. Steve Jobs himself introduced iPad as device for better experience for some key tasks – like web browsing or typing an e-mail. Something between iPhone and MacBook Pro. Later, iOS was getting more and more robust and Apple with iOS 9 re-invented iPad with iPad-specific features… Read More »

It looks like iPad Pro won’t be refreshed in 2019

By | 31/10/2019

iPad Pro is Apple’s flagship hi-end tablet, with first generation announced in fall 2015. If you want to own hi-end tablet, the iPad Pro is the best solution, because, as for Android, only Samsung is selling Android tablet with hi-end specs. Another problem is, that many of Android apps are not optimized for tablets’ big screen, they are… Read More »

2020 iPhones may get 120 Hz display

By | 30/10/2019

iPads Pro 2nd generation (2017) and newer feature 120 Hz display. Apple calls it ProMotion. Thanks to ProMotion, screen is refreshed 2 times faster than common LCD display. It’s not only good for Apple Pencil and artist – ProMotion (and other optimizations) reduces latency from 50 ms to 20 ms and thanks to software optimizations in iPadOS 13,… Read More »

Apple updated macOS

By | 22/10/2019

Apple released a new supplemental update for macOS Catalina. This update can be downloaded via the Software Update section of the System Preferences app. If no update is shown, the reason is that this supplemental update is probably limited to users, which haven’t already download first supplemental update. As for me, I installed first supplemental update and updater… Read More »

uTorrent – victim of macOS Catalina

By | 18/10/2019

Downloading torrents is popular. Torrents do not automatically mean cracked or pirated software, as some media may say. It’s just other way of downloading files, though it’s sometimes abused, but the same applies to classic downloading. It’s something like CD/DVD burners – if you own one, you are not automatically movie or music pirate. One of the most… Read More »

Apple updated macOS, iOS and iPadOS

By | 16/10/2019

Apple just updated macOS, iOS and its fork iPadOS. As for macOS, it’s a Supplemental Update, which fixes some bugs and also a problem with Setup Assistant hanging during Catalina installation. As for iOS and iPadOS, it’s just bug fixes and performance improvements. Updates are recommended for all users, but as usual, before updating your devices, backup all… Read More »

iPhone SE 2 may come in early 2020

By | 14/10/2019

Today’s smartphones are often big and it’s not easy to find solid compact smartphone, especially if you want a hi-end model. If you are fan of iPhones, Apple offers iPhone SE, a 4-inch beast, but there is one issue – it was not upgraded for longer time. No, iOS is not lagging on iPhone SE. Personally, I own… Read More »