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iPadOS beta 5 – finally tuned Share Menu

By | 30/07/2019

Are you betatesting iPadOS? It’s truth that you shouldn’t do so on productive device, but I risked it and installed iPadOS from the very first public beta release. It’s stable, though some features don’t work exactly on 100% as they should, but it’s usable. I’m excited by new Share Menu (I reference it as “Open with…” menu in… Read More »

My accessories I use with my iPad Pro

By | 03/07/2019

My iPad Pro is my work tool, so I use some accessories with it. As I write a lot, I needed a keyboard and a stylus for better navigation, taking notes and working with photos. Also, I have some other accessories, like USB-C dock and adapters. My USB-C dock shines with iPadOS 13, because I can connect external… Read More »

My feelings about first iPadOS public beta

By | 27/06/2019

iPadOS public beta was supposed to be released sometimes in July, as Apple said in WWDC 2019 keynote, but it’s here since last Monday. I was using it few days and now I will share my feelings. Generally, beta is pretty stable and new iOS 13 features are amazing. From native support of external USB-C disks to redesigned… Read More »

Mactracker – your Apple database

By | 10/06/2019

Apple released in its history many products since it was based in 1976 in California. Classic Macintosh, eMac, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook, iBook, PowerBook, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Newton, monitors… who has to remember them all? Having a database of all Apple’s product, without need of complicated web search or “googling”, would be nice. If… Read More »

SHA-1 certificates are no longer supported in macOS Catalina and iOS 13

By | 08/06/2019

If you still have a Windows XP, you may see that some webpages won’t load, some webpages won’t allow you to log in, etc. Also, a lot of software do not support Windows XP anymore, including web browsers and also you can’t use the newest security certificates and features. Apple, known for fast dropping old technology, dropped support… Read More »

Native local storage for iPadOS?

By | 07/06/2019

Files app introduced with iOS 11 is a file manager from Apple. Or to be correct, manager of sandboxes. Every app in iOS has its own storage and user has files stored within these sandboxes, app by app. You can’t have the same file in multiple storages, so if you need to work on one file in different… Read More »