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HEIF and HEVC – new formats of multimedia

By | 18/04/2018

Do you remember HD-ready TVs? And later Full HD resolution? In that times, it was something amazing. But time flies, we got 4K resolution, HDR technology, and the main “issue” – much increased bitrate, which is critical to use services like streaming movies via Internet provided by services like Netflix. High data demanding tasks like streaming 60 FPS… Read More »

My Must-Have apps for Mac, 2017 edition

By | 30/01/2018

Hello again! As in last year, I will continue in my annual must-have apps for Mac summary. As you may know, I use Macs since 2008. I started with entry-level MacBook White Early 2008 and now I’m running on CTO iMac Retina 5K Late 2015. As my iPad Pro replaced my MacBook Pro Retina, I sold it and… Read More »

Smart Internet indicator for Mac – I’m online?

By | 14/01/2018

More and more households are getting a wireless router to create Local Area Network (LAN) with Internet connectivity. Router is something like door between your home network and worldwide Internet. Internet connection is, of course, not required to create LAN, you can create home network to link computers together without any access to Internet. Sometimes something goes wrong… Read More »

Another security issue on Macs

By | 11/01/2018

Do you remember security issue on Macs with root access? It was a big security issue, which allows attackers to get root access on your Apple computer. It was fixed fastly, but another security flaw appeared. It’s not as dangerous as root access, but it’s shame that biggest private technology company makes mistakes like this one. This issue… Read More »