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Remote Control for Mac Review (Rewritten!)

By | 31/05/2019

Every app evolves, or at least it should, and Remote Control for Mac by Evgeny Cherpak is not exception. I once reviewed this app – link to old review is at the end – but there are too many changes, so I decided not to just update old review, I have written new review from scratch. Remote Control… Read More »

macOS Mojave Supplemental Update for 2018 and 2019 15.4-inch MacBooks Pro

By | 23/05/2019

Some Macs feature a security T2 chip, a custom silicon for Mac. As Apple said “By redesigning and integrating several controllers found in other Mac computers – such as the System Management Controller, image signal processor, audio controller, and SSD controller – the T2 chip delivers new capabilities to your Mac.” In short, T2 chip secures some features… Read More »

Lyrical – the best music widget for macOS

By | 21/05/2019

I can’t imagine working on my iMac without music. I does not matter, if I’m blogging or just browsing web, if I’m not working on video or watching YouTube, it’s high chance I’m listening to music played in background. For music, I use iTunes. While on macOS is iTunes great, on Windows it’s a garbage. Please do not… Read More »

Apple updated macOS

By | 15/05/2019

New macOS Mojave version was released. This update is focused on performance improvements and bug fixes. No new major functions were found, but some users still suffer issues with Bluetooth mice, but I had never issues with my Bluetooth Magic Mouse 2. It’s true, that I had problems with 3rd party Bluetooth mice, including mice from Microsoft and… Read More »

Edge for Mac is coming soon

By | 07/05/2019

At annual Build developer conference, Microsoft provided sneak peek of Edge for Mac. Edge is converting from its own rendering engine to Chromium, a rendering engine used by Google Chrome. Similarity is not only in rendering engine, but also in the look. In the past, Microsoft was developing Internet Explorer for Mac, which was default web browser for… Read More »

NightOwl – simple menubar utility for Dark Mode

By | 03/05/2019

macOS Mojave brought a long awaited feature – native dark mode. So from now, your entire operating system can be dark. In macOS High Sierra was introduced dark theme for dock and top menubar, but rest of operating system was still light. Some apps already supported dark mode, but in user interface of macOS High Sierra and earlier… Read More »

My Must-Have apps for Mac, 2018 edition

By | 29/04/2019

Year 2018 has passed and as every year, I’m bringing to you list of my must-have apps for Mac. I discovered many great apps and some of them were so georgeous, so I picked them as my favourites for year 2018. There are no big changes this year compared to my must-haves from 2016 to 2017, but still… Read More »

Apple updated macOS, iOS and tvOS

By | 26/03/2019

Apple’s March keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater was focused on multimedia services, introducing Apple News+, Apple Card, iOS game service Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. After keynote, macOS, iOS and tvOS got update. Let’s look what’s new, just don’t forget to backup your important data on safe place(s), like NAS, external disk or cloud service before you… Read More »

Apple updated macOS and iOS

By | 16/02/2019

Just reminder, did you not update your Macs and iOS devices yet? If you use FaceTime, you should. Internet network is full of news with critical bug in FaceTime software and due to very high severity, Apple even turned off its servers for Group FaceTime calls. Bug is already fixed and you should update your Macs and iOS… Read More »

Apple updated macOS, watchOS and tvOS

By | 25/01/2019

After iOS, the rest of Apple’s operating systems got update too. Apple has not released any detailed changelog and during public betatesting no new major features were found. It is pretty strange that Apple does not provide detailed changelog as it did in the past. It’s all about bug fixes, performance and security improvements. Before updating any of… Read More »