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My Must-Have apps for iPad, 2019 edition

By | 18/05/2020

As every year, I recapitulate my app workflow for my iPad Pro and iMac. I choose my apps very strictly and I require high standard I’m ready to pay for, for both small utilites like Lumy (Golden Hour calculator) or complex solutions like Affinity Photo. I know, some apps are creepy, but some users are forced to use… Read More »

My Must-Have apps for iPad, 2016 edition

By | 31/01/2017

My first iOS device was iPod touch 4. It was very long my only iOS device, until I purchased iPad Air 1 with iOS 7. And it was fantastic. Much bigger screen with IPS techology – iPod touch 4 uses TN panel – and iPad was not lagging like iPod touch 4 did. I personally don’t like new… Read More »

Apple Pencil Review

By | 31/05/2016

With release of iPad Pro in late 2015, Apple made its own stylus – Apple Pencil. It is the first made by Apple stylus for iOS devices. Although former Apple CEO Steve Jobs said “who wants a stylus?” while introducing first iPhone, Apple Pencil is here. For some situations, stylus is better than finger, for example for drawing.… Read More »

Sorting music by folders with iTunes

By | 28/07/2016

Some people still prefer to arrange their music by folders. Modern players with music library use ID3 tags. Music files, like popular mp3 format, contains some metadata included in each music file. With this metadatas you can set data like artist, album, year, etc. directly into your music file. It’s useful, for example – want to listen all… Read More »