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Apple updated iOS, watchOS and tvOS

By | 14/05/2019

Apple just updated its three operating systems. iOS and tvOS were focused on TV app for upcoming TV service from Apple, while watchOS was about increasing numbers of European countries with ECG support and compatibility with AirPods 2. All updates are free, just don’t forget, as usual, backup your data to safe place, like external HDD, NAS or… Read More »

How to remote control FiLMiC Pro – the best video-recording app

By | 11/05/2019

If you are about recording your movie with iOS device(s), it’s all about FiLMiC Pro. With its superior features, like extreme high recording bitrate, real-time histogram and wide accessories support, and if we add LumaFusion – the best video editor for iPad – you can have the ultimate mobile recording studio. But did you know, that FiLMiC Pro… Read More »

SnapStats – the best activity widget for iOS

By | 09/05/2019

iOS is a cut mobile version of macOS with interface optimized for touch devices. Under the hood, these operating systems are very similar, but iOS lacks many features found in desktop macOS. With built-in tools, there is no way to see, for example, how many RAM is free or average CPU usage. There are many apps which allow… Read More »

Accupedo Pro – your personal pedometer

By | 06/05/2019

I decided to move more to improve my health. It’s scientifically proven, that you should do at least 10 000 steps per day. As owner of iPhone 6s, I was finding solid iOS app to measure my steps count while I have my iPhone in my pocket. I should be more responsible, because I often just leave my… Read More »

MacID – unlocking your Mac is magic

By | 02/10/2016

With macOS Sierra, Apple released new continuity feature – Auto Unlock. Basically, if you own Apple Watch and you are near your Mac, it will automatically log in to your Mac. Unfortunately, iPhones, iPads and iPods touch are not supported. But I found great app – MacID (my thanks to Federico Viticci from Now you can unlock… Read More »

Hydra Camera – new level of photography

By | 15/06/2016

While iPhones are still getting better and better camera, iPads are “forgotten” with not the best camera. 9.7-inch iPad Pro got many improvements for camera including flash light, but all other iPads still got poor camera. Taking photos with iPad, especially 12.9-inch iPad Pro, may look strange, but sometimes it may be handy. Main problem is high noise… Read More »

Apple updated macOS, iOS and tvOS

By | 26/03/2019

Apple’s March keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater was focused on multimedia services, introducing Apple News+, Apple Card, iOS game service Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. After keynote, macOS, iOS and tvOS got update. Let’s look what’s new, just don’t forget to backup your important data on safe place(s), like NAS, external disk or cloud service before you… Read More »

Apple updated macOS and iOS

By | 16/02/2019

Just reminder, did you not update your Macs and iOS devices yet? If you use FaceTime, you should. Internet network is full of news with critical bug in FaceTime software and due to very high severity, Apple even turned off its servers for Group FaceTime calls. Bug is already fixed and you should update your Macs and iOS… Read More »

HEIF and HEVC – new formats of multimedia

By | 18/04/2018

Do you remember HD-ready TVs? And later Full HD resolution? In that times, it was something amazing. But time flies, we got 4K resolution, HDR technology, and the main “issue” – much increased bitrate, which is critical to use services like streaming movies via Internet provided by services like Netflix. High data demanding tasks like streaming 60 FPS… Read More »

Apple announced release of final macOS, iOS and watchOS, release date of tvOS is uncertain

By | 08/09/2016

Apple annouced final version of macOS (formerly OS X) for Macs, iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and watchOS for Apple Watch. Apple renamed OS X to macOS due to better match to other Apple’s operating systems. These operating system were introduced at summer at WWDC 2016 in San Francisco. Apple provided beta versions of macOS and… Read More »