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Apple’s Family Sharing vs. in-app purchases

By | 25/05/2016

Family Sharing is a service from Apple, which allows you and your family to share some purchased content from Apple, like apps from the App Store. Family Sharing is limited by maximum of total 6 members, every member needs his/her own Apple ID. You can set-up your Family Sharing by guide from Apple, just click HERE. You will… Read More »

Sorting music by folders with iTunes

By | 28/07/2016

Some people still prefer to arrange their music by folders. Modern players with music library use ID3 tags. Music files, like popular mp3 format, contains some metadata included in each music file. With this metadatas you can set data like artist, album, year, etc. directly into your music file. It’s useful, for example – want to listen all… Read More »

My Must-Have apps for iPad, 2018 edition

By | 30/04/2019

Year has passed, and as usual, I reviewed apps I was using this year on my iPad Pro. My workflow was not dramatically changed, as it was from iOS 10 to iOS 11, but I think that with upcoming iOS 13 and its focus on iPad, there will be many changes and I’m really looking for new features.… Read More »

Document Provider & Picker in iOS

By | 01/10/2016

Working with files in Apple’s iOS is little strange. You don’t have a classic disk storage with all files like we know from other operating systems like desktop Windows, macOS, Linux or mobile Android and Windows 10 Mobile. Apps in iOS has its own storage where are documents stored – yea, your documents are in apps. Each supported… Read More »

My Must-Have apps for iPad, 2017 edition

By | 30/01/2018

I remember my first device with iOS, it was iPod touch 4. I’m surprised, but it still works. I’m running iOS 6 on it and it’s pretty laggy and battery is drain after one hour of watching videos on YouTube, but it works. As I said last year, I’m fan of iPad, the best tablet for my needs… Read More »

System Status for iOS

By | 29/06/2016

As developer says, System Status is the ultimate app for monitoring and optimizing your iPhone and iPad performance. And he is right. System Status is another app from Techet, like Network Analyzer, which are both used to dig deeper into iOS operating system within limits of iOS itself and Apple’s App Store rules. System Status allows you to… Read More »

nPlayer – the ultimate video player for iOS

By | 11/06/2016

Many people enjoy watching movies on iPad. I personally own iPad Pro and with its big 12.9-inch display and four-speakers audio is watching movies on it amazing. But you will need decent video player. Wanna subtitles? Or playlist? Or stream from NAS – and even play via AirPlay to your big screen TV? iPad has no native app… Read More »

Apple updated macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS

By | 24/10/2016

Today Apple updated macOS for Macs, iOS for iPhones/iPads/iPods touch, watchOS for Apple Watches and tvOS for 4th generation Apple TV. List of version numbers of all these operating systems is at the bottom of this article. What’s new? Mostly it’s about bug fixes, but new features are available too. Don’t forget to backup all your data on… Read More »