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Welcome at comp-blog.com!

We are group of IT bloggers founded by Lukáš Raynor Majer. Our philosophy is to deliver you high-quality posts and news about world of IT. Blog is here since 2016, special thanks belongs to Agoulo.net for providing us hosting at our beginning. As we take this blog serious, we have own domain and SSL certificate.

Members of our team:

Lukáš Raynor Majer


My name is Lukáš, I’m 28 years old and I’m a founder of comp-blog. I live in Slovakia in Banská Bystrica. I’m interested with Apple products and it’s also my main theme for this blog. I personally love computer technology, it’s my lifestyle. My other interests are finding truth about our world and blogging. Did you know, that comp-blog.com was in past under another domain and written in slovak? I decided to translate my posts into english to reach more visitors and I created a brand-new site. Hope you will enjoy my posts!


  • E-mail: lukas_raynor_majer@me.com
  • Twitter: @CBC_Raynor
  • Facebook: facebook.com/lukas.majer.1048
  • Instagram: lukas_raynor_majer
  • Homepage: raynor.sk


Hello, my name is Martin and I’m 26 years old. I studied at Matej Bel University in department of Andragogy. My interests are swimming, diving, footbal and hockey. For this blog I mostly write stories and about smartphones with specialization on Android. I’m open for new opportunities.


  • E-mail: martin.kisik@gmail.com