Apple updated iOS and iPadOS

Apple UpdatesI know, very, very late. Sorry, I was in the hospital 🙁 and during my healing Apple released iOS 13.7 with new Exposure Notifications related to the COVID-19 pandemy. This new technology does not require to download dedicated app to get notifications working. Also, Apple released iPadOS 13.7, but it was only focused on bug fixes, new Exposure Notifications do not work on iPads. After the update, iOS 13.7 users will see a new ‌Exposure Notification‌ section in the Settings app, not in the Privacy settings. If you live in area, where is no Exposure Notifications Express, it will direct users to an app created by a public health authority in their state if one is available, or it will let them know that Exposure Notifications are not yet available in their area.

New version number(s):

  • iOS – 13.7
  • iPadOS – 13.7
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