I forwarded notifications from my iPhone to Apple Watch, why I sometimes see them on my iPhone?

Apple Watch Series 4You may heard that Apple Watch is an another stupid device for useless measuring of pulse and steps and you can get Xiaomi watches for 20 USD to do the same things, mostly from anti-Apple fanboys or people that just do not understand technology. Apple Watch is definitely not useless piece of technology, I’m saying it as a person who uses computers since my 8th year of age (1999), though I’m not a studied IT expert. Apple Watch may change your life, as did mine. I started more moving and excercising and for me as an IT fanboy, it’s much more fun with technology. And also motivating, especially when your Apple Watch is bullying you to stand up 😀 but my today’s article will be about why your forwarded notifications may still appear on your iPhone.

You paired your Apple Watch to your iPhone, selected some apps’ notifications to your Apple Watch, but sometimes, you may still see notifications on your iPhone. It’s a bug or an another Apple’s feature?

Neither is truth. iPhone and paired Apple Watch are communicating intelligently. When your iPhone is locked/asleep on the desk/in the pocket/other place and you have your Apple Watch unlocked on your wrist, you will get forwarded notifications on your Apple Watch. If you are not wearing Apple Watch (for example while charging) or Apple Watch are locked (I recommend to use at least 6 digit passcode), all notifications stay at iPhone, even if your iPhone is locked or asleep.

If you are using iPhone and your Apple Watch is unlocked on your wrist, your forwarded notifications are displayed on iPhone.

Please note that notifications from some apps, like noise notifications from Apple’s built-in app in watchOS are always displayed on your Apple Watch. Also, you can’t see the same notification on both devices, but please note that notifications forwarded from iPhone to your Apple Watch are also displayed on your iPhone as silent notifications without turning on display. If you delete forwarded notification from your Apple Watch, it’s also deleted from your iPhone. Some watchOS apps, as I mentioned, only shows notifications on Apple Watch, like mentioned Apple’s Noise app or charging reminder from AutoSleep app I use for my sleep tracking. Since watchOS 6, there are some independent apps which do not require to have installed their counterpart on iPhone, so notifications from these apps are only displayed on your Apple Watch.

I hope this short post helped you to understand how forwarded notifications work.

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