First public beta of macOS Big Sur released

macOS Big SurYesterday I was complaining why there are no new public betas. Answer may be known now. Apple was preparing first public beta of macOS Big Sur! macOS 11 and its first generation macOS Big Sur is too big update to be released to public beta testers, so Apple was testing it on experienced developers who can solve problems many common users simple cannot. This is probably reason of the delay of the public beta of macOS Big Sur. Apple is slowly moving to its own ARM-based Apple Silicon chips in Macs, though there is only available one Mac with Apple Silicon, a special developer kit for registered developers based on A12Z SoC from iPad Pro 2020. There is no public Mac with Apple Silicon yet. Apple recently released new iMacs, but still with Intel CPUs.

To get macOS Big Sur Public Beta, visit and follow instructions. Please do not install it on your productivity machine, use secondary machine or at least another partition or external disk if you are enough tech-savvy. I did the same when macOS Catalina Public Beta was released.

Alongside macOS Big Sur’s first public beta, Apple also released new public betas of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. I’m still running iOS 13 on my iPhone SE 2020, but on my iPad Pro, my productivity machine 😀 I installed public beta of iPadOS 14 to be able to betatest new features and also apps from developers via TestFlight. I’m already testing some of them and iPadOS 14 Public Beta looks pretty stable, though I haven’t explored it deeply.

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