No public beta today :-(

Apple UpdatesI’m betatester of iPadOS 14 and yesterday, a developer beta 4 was released. I expected new public beta today, but… nothing. No new public beta available. I was browsing prominent Apple webs, no sign about new public betas. This year, public betas were released always day after developer betas since second developer betas (except macOS Big Sur), but today nothing. And I don’t know why. It’s interesting why Apple decided so. Maybe it’s bigger under-the-hood update (especially iOS and iPadOS, tvOS beta should be just minor update) and Apple wants first to test betas on experienced developers before betas are released to public testers.

If you are interested what’s new in yesterday’s developer beta, probably the best way is to find videos on YouTube. There are many developers sharing videos from betas. I know, there is a way how to install developer beta on non-developer account (and I also know how), but please don’t do it. Though Apple is pretty benevolent, it will be hard to explain developer beta on non-developer’s device in repair service in cause your device got bricked or if you need a warranty service. If you are not developer or you don’t have developer account, just wait for public betas. It won’t void your warranty. Here in Slovakia was cause that mobile operator Orange refused to provide warranty repair of iPhone because of official public beta on iPhone, but it was cause sent to local trade inspection. Apple clearly says that official betas won’t void warranty and here is boss Apple, not Orange.

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