Why installation of multiple fonts on iOS and iPadOS may fall?

FontYou downloaded app like iFont or AnyFont, you tried to install multiple fonts and then… error, profile includes multiple fonts and your iPhone or iPad refuses to install fonts. On iOS and iPadOS, you can definitely install multiple fonts in one profile, but you have to be aware of one “issue” – it must be the same font. But wait, if multiple font installation is supported, why it must be the same font? I will explain this “issue” and how it works in this quick tutorial. You really don’t need to install mutliple variations of the same fonts by separate profiles.

For example, you want to install fonts Calibri and Source Code Pro. So you select all of your font files and include then in one profile. Then, result is error. If you want to install multiple fonts in one profile, it must be variations of the same font, like Calibri Bold + Calibri Regular + Calibri Italic, etc. Combos of, for example, Calibri and Source Code Pro font files are not supported and you will need to create two profiles to install both of these fonts with their variations.

I have personally installed 6 font profiles, Calibri, Source Code Pro and four fonts from iA Writer. You don’t have to install over 30 profiles to install all of my fonts, you need just 6 of them.

I hope this quick tutorial helped you understand how it works. Have a nice day!

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