FE File Explorer Pro for iOS and iPadOS got great new feature

FE File Explorer ProAs you may know, I’m strictly filtering what is allowed to be installed on my devices, though sometimes I have no choice (like YouTube app). My file manager I use is FE File Explorer Pro. I like its ability to link custom folders in iOS Files app into FE File Explorer’s sidebar, so I can use both FE File Explorer Pro and iOS Files app without limits. I like like how developers integrated their app into iOS Files app – it’s the best integration I have ever seen. But I was missing one feature… Edit In Place. But since last update, it’s finally here!

What is Edit In Place?

Let me explain Open In Place first. In ancient times, if you had PDF document stored in some app storage (or call it “sandbox storage” or how you want), you had to copy it manually to PDF app, like PDF Expert, then edit and then to copy back. Yes, you had three copies of the same file. Later, it has changed and Apple released feature kit called Open In Place. You are now able to open file via Share Sheet and you will see “Open in app name“. No extra copies are created and file stays at it original place. Of course, developers have to implement this feature into their apps.

But there is another issue. Host app must support Edit In Place feature to be able to use Open In Place feature. So when I tried to open PDF file from iOS Files app, it showed “Open in PDF Expert”, but FE File Explorer Pro said “Copy to PDF Expert”. But since last update, FE File Explorer Pro supports Edit In Place feature, my requested feature to app developers. Great work, guys.

I’m not sure if lite version supports this feature too, because I have paid version. I tested Edit In Place support with PDF Expert from Readdle and it passed. I edited PDF file stored in FE File Explorer Pro’s storage in PDF Expert via Open In Place and it passed. No extra copies needed.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

FE File Explorer Pro

FE File Explorer Pro on the App Store

PDF Expert

PDF Expert on the App Store

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