Why I stopped playing Real Racing 3?

STOPI remember times of my first iPads. What about racing games? Some game with good graphics where I can control my car and to compete with other players? iPads are good for such games. I found very popular game called Real Racing 3. Yes, it was fun in the beginning, but later, it turned into disaster. It’s classic pay to win game with expensive microtransactions. Why should EA release normal game for 49 euro, when it can milk addicted players? EA is known for such practises on mobile platform, like in mobile Need For Speed games.

You got R$ (classic money) and gold coins. First it looks like all cars and upgrades are for money and gold coins are for something like skipping repairing time or time needed to upgrade your car. Later was added option to watch an ad to reduce time by 30% for each watched ad. There is little daily bonus, but it’s tricky – if you forget to get bonus for one day in the month, the last, most powerful bonus in the month is lost. The most powerful bonus is 30 gold coins, or 60 gold coins if you are ranked as elite racer. Once, I found my first car only purchaseable for gold coins – it was Renault Clio for 40 gold coins. Not dealbreaker, but that was just beginning. Upgrades only available for many gold coins began appearing and cars were priced higher and higher. It’s not unusual to find car for about 1000 gold coins and if you want to upgrade it to full, you will need another about 2000 gold coins. And now look at microtransactions – if you want to purchase little over 1000 gold coins, you will need over 100 euro. Earning gold coins by regular playing is impossible, till you don’t play 10 hours per day. Rewards given for completing events (by 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) are very low and earning gold coins by fame is really slow. Very slow. Earning 44 gold coins per level is just a joke and I was at pretty high level.

Most events got more cars to choose from. If you want to finish event at 100%, you will need all these cars. And when all cars in events cost about 900 gold coins without upgrades, it’s really frustrating. Also, something new was introduced – Exclusive series. You need to upgrade chosen cars to max to play them in the Exclusive series. And yes, most of the cars in the Exclusive series are the expensive ones. I had completed it by 11%.

Another issue are frequent updates with new cars – all for gold coins. I completed Real Racing 3 by 62.5%, but “thanks” to updates, I continually dropped to 53%. I was once at 54%, then I got 55%, then EA updated Real Racing 3 and I was back at 53%. All cars are only available to purchase for gold coins.

Recently, after gold coins and money (R$), a new option was added – M$. A lot of cars, if not all, in Motorsport series were only available for M$ and were very expensive. And yes, 100 euro microtransactions were present. Another way to milk addicted players.

So, I said stop. I stopped playing Real Racing 3 after many spent hours. What a waste of time.

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