Hyper announced HyperJuice with Lightning and USB-C cable

By | 03/03/2020

Hyper USB - C Hub Hyperdrive 6 in 1Hyper creates great accessories. Personally, I have HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub for my iPad Pro with USB-C port and I’m satisfied. Hyper just announced HyperJuice 18W Lightning and USB-C Power Bank. Interesting is, that this is the world’s first power bank with an integrated 18 W Apple MFi Lightning and USB-C Cable. It has 10 000 mAh capacity and with support for pass-through charging, you can charge your iPhone and HyperJuice at the same time using a single USB-C charger with the cables already built into the HyperJuice.

HyperJuice can recharge an iPhone from zero to 50% in under 30 minutes, but it is not limited to iPhone (and Lightning connector). You can charge any USB-C device, like Android smartphones or even big iPad Pro 2018, with integrated, 18 W USB-C cable. HyperJuice’s internal battery can be also recharged at 18 W speed with integrated USB-C cable from zero to 100% in about 2 hours. HyperJuice got 4-stage LED battery level indicator and it weighs only 225 grams.

HyperJuice may be also interesting for people already owning external power bank or HUBs with integrated battery with capability of charging your devices. I have older RAVPower FileHub Plus which I was using with my older iPads Pro with Lightning connector. iPadOS added external drives support for iPads, but in times before iPadOS, the only way to connect relatively directly external storage was to insert your disk or memory card into external reader and then to connect it to iPad via wi-fi. This older power bank also only got 6 000 mAh and slower charging speed, so if you need something faster with higher capacity at good price, solution from Hyper may be great for you.

Price is set at 59,99 USD and you can purchase it HERE.

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