Upcoming iOS 13.4 may allow you to restore your mobile devices without cables

iOS 13 LogoToday, when you want to restore your iPhone or iPad to its box-fresh state, you need to connect your device with cable to computer. Apple Watches even did not allow you to do this – you can do factory reset and erase all your data from Apple Watch, but you can’t reinstall operating system. There is no user-accessible port to do this, so if your Apple Watch got bricked, you have to go to service – there is no DFU mode or something like that – and no, iBUS from MFC is not solution for everyone. That’s also reason why Apple does not release beta versions of watchOS to public. But third beta of iOS 13.4 includes very interesting feature.

Apple is testing a way to restore your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or HomePod over-the-air. Inside third iOS 13.4 beta are mentions of a feature called “OS Recovery”.

When you need to restore iPhone or iPad, you can do it at home, even if you need a DFU mode restore. Apple Watches and HomePods, however, do not cointain ports, so you need to bring these devices to Apple or authorized service provider. This new feature found in iOS 13.4 could save a lot of time and energy, if your HomePod or Apple Watch got bricked. Yes, it may happen that you will need to go to service anyway, but in most cases, it think you will be able to solve most issue without leaving your home. Needed software to restore will be downloaded via Internet, like in case of over-the-air updates.

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