Tip: how to clean up right-click menu on Mac

By | 29/02/2020

Magic MouseYou may know it. You installed many apps on your Mac and then, when you do right click, many new options are present. Erase with “App Name”, clean up with “App Name”, send to “App Name”, uninstall with “App Name”, share with “App Name”, etc. These new shortcuts are not kind of a malware, many legit apps install extensions to menus. Many of them are useful, but you may want to disable some of them, because, for example, you are not using them. To be honest, the way how to disable them is not logic, so I made this little guide.

Go to Apple menu and select “System Preferences”. Then go to “Keyboard” and select tab “Shortcuts”. In the left window, choose “Services”. You will see:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here just uncheck all shortcuts you want to disable. Hope it helped you.

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