Microsoft updated To-Do with Siri Shortcuts support

Microsoft To-DoWunderlist will be shutted down on May 6, 2020, as we informed HERE. This is sad news for all loyal Wunderlist users. I was using Wunderlist too. After acquisition by Microsoft, I was finding new task manager. I tried Omnifocus, Todoist and some others and I have finally chosen Things 3. Microsoft’s To-Do was evolving slowly and it was far behind Wunderlist. Times are changing, To-Do is still more and more capable and recently, Microsoft released new version. It’s worth to try it and to give To-Do another chance.

First, if you are a Wunderlist user, migrating your shared lists from Wunderlist to To-Do is much easier. Another significant update is support for Siri Shortcuts. Now, for example, you can open specific lists using shortcuts rather than having to jump through multiple lists or sections. Though Siri Shortcuts are available since iOS 12, I strongly recommend using iOS 13 (or iPadOS 13 on iPads), because there were too many changes from Apple’s side in Shortcuts app and it’s not guaranteed that your shortcuts created for To-Do will work properly in iOS 12.

To-Do now offers new share extension for Share Menu. If you don’t see it, launch Safari on your iPad/iPhone, tap on Share Sheet icon, in row with extensions (that’s that one with colorful icons of installed app that offer extension, on iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 it starts with “AirDrop” icon), tap on “More” and activate To-Do extension.

Full release notes:

  • Introducing Siri shortcuts! You can now add your own shortcuts for To Do. Just open settings, tap Siri Shortcuts and you can create shortcuts to open a specific list or to add a new task to a specific list.
  • We’re also very happy to share our, uh, share extension with you! Need to save a web page to your reading list or add something to your holiday shopping list in a hurry? Just tap the share button, select the list and we’ll do the rest.
  • Coming from Wunderlist? We’ve made it easier to reshare your shared lists. Share by email and we’ll add the email addresses of your previous list members.
  • You can now turn off notifications for shared lists. If those shared holiday shopping lists are getting a little too noisy, just head to settings and toggle shared list activity off.
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