My 3rd party apps for my health for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4You may know it – sice next Sunday I will be more active, since new year I will start to exercise, since next month I will… you know it. I spent a lot of time at computer or tablet, and I decided to live healthier and to go more outdoor. My impulse to do so was my Apple Watch. Doing your movement goals is more funny and also more motivating. I use some 3rd party health apps for my Apple Watch and I will review all of them – it’s total six of apps. All links are at the end of this article.

As my activity tracker, I use app called Zones. When I go, for example, to walk outdoor, I just choose my custom walking profile I named “Prechádzka” (which I created on my iPhone based on category “Walking”) on my Apple Watch and then I go out for about an one hour. Zones supports really a lot of categories, fully compatible with HealthKit on iPhone. When I’m in fitness, I choose “Traditional Strength Training” category. After I come home, I can watch many health data on my iPhone. Every workout is saved into Apple’s Health app using HealthKit from iOS. In cause of heart rate, it’s divided into categories “Peak” (to improve performance and speed), “Cardio” (to improve cardio endurance), “Fat Burn” (to improve basic endurance and to burn fat) and “Warm Up” to, as name says, to warm up. Most of my walking workout time is in class “Fat Burn”. As every human body is different, you can tweak these heart rate categories to better fit your current health. There are also other data in walking category, like time spent, distance moved, average heart rate, minimum and maximum heart rate, calories burnt, etc. Zones offers many other features and I will review this great app in the future.

As my step counter, I use Accupedo-Pro Pedometer. I reviewed this app HERE. It’s classic step counter with good desing and cool widget. You don’t have to own Apple Watch to counter steps – it also works with iPhones’ calibrated motion coprocessor, though having an Apple Watch is great bonus, because not everyone keeps his/her iPhone permanently in pocket, but watch are permanently on our wrists, till we don’t recharge it. This app supports HealthKit.

For more detailed data about my heart I use app called Heart Analyzer. Recently in November, it got major update, so if you were using it in the past and you didn’t like it, try to give it another chance. It works perfectly with mentioned Zones app and like all solid health apps for iOS/watchOS, it uses native HealthKit framework. Heart Analyzer logs your workouts (so I see mentioned “Prechádzka” from Zones app in Heart Analyzer) and provides you many data. You can watch any logged workout in history. Also, Heart Analyzer also generates monthly report, which you can print or send to your doctor. Maybe you may think that’s this app is useless if you have Zones app, but that’s not truth. Zones only records your data when workout profile (like my walking profile “Prechádzka”) is active, while Heart Analyzer measures heart data permanently.

If you want to keep good health, you should drink water. As my “drinking manager”, I use app called WaterMinder. Every time you drink something, just log it. You can create profiles, just set some parameters like “Name”, Drink Type”, “Hydration Impact” and “Drink Amount”. Then just set icon and color and that’s all. It’s great on Apple Watch. With profiles, I can log my water intake by two taps. Also, you are not limited to profiles, you can add any drink type available in WaterMinder app in amount up to 1 000 ml. Unfortunately, you can’t set your own drink type, so when I drink, for example, cola, I add it into “Coffee” drink type. WaterMinder supports notifications to notify you it’s type to drink water and also great widget with support for predefined profiles. WaterMinder saves its data to Health App using HealthKit.

As for sleeping, I use app Sleep Watch. Based of movements measured by your Apple Watch, it can detect when you fall asleep. It measures how long you have been sleeping, quality of sleep (restful and light sleep time), sleeping heart rate dip, sleep rythm, average sleeping HRV (heart rate variability) and some other data. Sleep Watch saves measured data into iOS Health app via HealthKit. As for sleep quality, it shows a graph, so you can analyze when your sleep was light and when restful.

As bonus, I use app called HealthView. It provides detailed overview of Apple’s HealthKit app data points. It has also app for Apple Watch, so you can see many of measured data right on your wrist. It’s something like Health app for watchOS. In my case, today I have available these data: heart rate, resting heart rate, walking heart rate, heart rate variability, steps, distance, burned calories, resting calories, total calories, hydration and workouts.

So this is how I use my Apple Watch to get more healthier.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Zones for Training

Accupedo-Pro Pedometer

Heart Analyzer


Sleep Watch by Bodymatter


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