Still on Windows 7? Time to move

Windows 7 LogoWindows 7 is still popular. One of the reason are bugs in Windows 10. Forced updates, that may break your PC or reset your settings or replace drivers are big issue. Also there was a bug which caused to remove your files from OneDrive if few conditions were met. Also, looking at “installing 13 of 37 updates” when you really need your computer is awful. I was long-term user of Windows XP, when in 2008 I definitely moved to macOS. Though I have never installed Windows 10 on any of my computers, I’m glad I don’t have to do so.

Support for Windows 7 ends in January 15, 2020. Microsoft is forcing users to update to Windows 10 and after this date, users of Windows 7 will see full screen warning about expired support and about need to upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft’s recent update for Windows 7, which is one of the latest updates for this old system, will prepare for end of the support.

Some companies need Windows 7 in their workflow. In some cases, you may see Windows XP or even MS DOS to run legacy software, which won’t be upgraded. It’s something like with ActiveX, which is used for legacy web apps in some companies. If you are a bigger company, you can get paid support for Windows 7, though it’s not clear how long will Microsoft offers this kind of support.

Affected editions are:

  • Starter
  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium
  • Professional
  • Ultimate

Of course, if you purchased extended support or if Windows 7 is in kiosk mode or in domain, you won’t get such warning.

When Windows 10 was released, in the first year it was free for upgrading users. Many users were using old Windows XP or newer Windows 7 and Microsoft wanted to force as many users as possible to use the latest version of Windows. Fragmentation and so many combos are problem even for a big company like Microsoft. Even Apple has problems to fix its issues with macOS, and I’m talking about few hardware combos (in compare to Windows world) and a fact, that Apple controls both hardware and software. Also, Apple relatively fast drops support for older systems and users are more forced to use the latest OS release.

Operating systems are the most complex code writed by mankind, it’s not easy to navigate between billions of lines of code bloated over many years. The only more complex code we know is DNA.

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