Our beloved Notepad pulled from Microsoft Store

NotepadAs we informed HERE, Microsoft decided to distribute Notepad via Microsoft Store, outside of Windows 10 releases. It made sense, Notepad could be updated outside Windows 10’s release cycles and Microsoft could deal with bugs more swiftly. In August 2019, Microsoft described Notepad as “well-loved text editor in Windows for over 30 years”. But now, company pulled Notepad from Microsoft Store. Microsoft did not explain what led corporation to this move. Notepad will still remain in Windows 10, but there are few notes we should know.

If you have pinned Notepad to the Taskbar or Start Menu, you will need to re-pin after updating to the (upcoming) latest release of Windows 10. If you have chosen Notepad as default app for opening your chosen file types, you will need to re-link these settings again.

Microsoft only said:

“Thank you for all the feedback you provided on the Store version of Notepad. At this time, we’ve decided not to roll this out to customers.”

Notepad is simple plain-text editor. It can be used to write source code, so you can, for example, develop webpages directly in Notepad, just while saving text file choose right file extension (*.html, *.php, *.css, etc.). Though Notepad really does not offer advanced features for web development – it’s just plain text editor – it’s an example how powerful can be small, simple and not bloated app.

Source: ZDNet

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