Monthly Archives: December 2019

Microsoft updated To-Do with Siri Shortcuts support

By | 19/12/2019

Wunderlist will be shutted down on May 6, 2020, as we informed HERE. This is sad news for all loyal Wunderlist users. I was using Wunderlist too. After acquisition by Microsoft, I was finding new task manager. I tried Omnifocus, Todoist and some others and I have finally chosen Things 3. Microsoft’s To-Do was evolving slowly and it… Read More »

Warcraft III: Reforged release date revealed

By | 18/12/2019

Warcraft (don’t confuse with World of Warcraft) is game of my childhood. I remember when we had one family computer equiped with Pentium I CPU, 32 MB of RAM and 512 MB HDD. I played Warcraft and its sequel Warcraft II. First time I played Warcraft III was in school. I was thrilled by graphics. It were times… Read More »

Mac threat detections are rising

By | 17/12/2019

I was using antivirus for Mac since my early Mac times in 2008. In that times, my reason was not because I was worried about security. I was sharing files with PC users and also I had installed Windows on my second partition on disk inside my MacBook White and I didn’t want to infect my friends’ computers… Read More »

Microsoft delayed end of Windows 10 Mobile support

By | 16/12/2019

If you want a smartphone, you have usually only two operating systems to choose from – Android and iOS. It’s shame what did Microsoft with its Windows 10 Mobile. I’m former user of Lumia smartphone and I liked Windows 10 Mobile. Though my heart belongs to Apple, Windows 10 Mobile was very good operating system, I liked it… Read More »

Twitter will no longer compress uploaded photos, if few conditions are met

By | 14/12/2019

We are uploading many photos on social networks. And because service providers want to save money on server costs, services are compressing uploaded photos and other multimedia files, mostly videos. This is something what professional photographers hate. If you are one of them and you are publishing your photos on social networks, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you… Read More »

iMac Pro and Apple’s Pro Display XDR?

By | 13/12/2019

With new modular Mac Pro, Apple also released brand-new display. In the past, Apple was selling its own display, like Cinema Display or Thunderbolt Display, but sales were ended before years. The new Apple display is called “Pro Display XDR”. It’s hi-end 6K display designed mostly for 2019 Mac Pro. As for tech specification, it’s relatively cheap monitor… Read More »

Still on Windows 7? Time to move

By | 12/12/2019

Windows 7 is still popular. One of the reason are bugs in Windows 10. Forced updates, that may break your PC or reset your settings or replace drivers are big issue. Also there was a bug which caused to remove your files from OneDrive if few conditions were met. Also, looking at “installing 13 of 37 updates” when… Read More »

Wunderlist is being shutting down

By | 10/12/2019

I remember Wunderlist as my first third-party to-do manager. I’m former blogger writing for one slovak Apple blog and we were using Wunderlist there. Good design and team collaboration where just terrific. When Microsoft announced it has acquired Wunderlist, it was a warning sign. When big company acquires popular service, it usually means that company is working on… Read More »

Use strong passwords, Microsoft warns

By | 09/12/2019

Some users can’t learn from their own mistakes. Many users are using weak passwords and passcodes, often using common words or passwords like “12345” or year of birth as 4-numbered passcode on their mobile phone. Microsoft checked more than 3 000 000 000 leached login credentials from various sources, like public leaked databases or databases from criminal acts.… Read More »

New modular Mac Pro orders start on December 10

By | 08/12/2019

Mac Pro is here soon! Long-awaited workstation from Apple is, unlike any other Mac, fully modular computer. Yea, Mac hardware is chosen by Apple and Apple writes its operating system directly for hardware. Because Apple has control over both hardware and software, it can create almost perfect system without worries about hardware compatibility. But there are still users,… Read More »