Sales of smartphones in Europe are rising, who is the first?

By | 28/11/2019

Samsung Galaxy S10+I remember my first smartphone – it was Microsoft Lumia 640. Though I liked it, I had to sell it, because Microsoft was slowly shutting down its mobile operating system. Later I had two Android smartphones and then I finally settled at iPhone 6s. It’s great smartphone, but next year I will have to upgrade, because iPhone 6s probably won’t get iOS 14. Smartphones sales were declining, because, let’s say, what next should be added to smartphone? Higher performance? Better camera? Holographic projektor? Users are upgrading their smartphones more slowly than it the past.

In global third quarter, after two years of declining, based on report from analytics company Gartner, the number of sold smartphones dropped by 0,4%. Another company – Canalys – says sales were raising by 1%. It’s not clear which methodic these companies were using, but Canalys’s report for Europe is interesting – sales raised by 8%!

The king of European market is still Samsung with its 35,7% market share. The second one is Huawei with 22,2%, third is Apple with 18,6%, fourth is Chinese Xiaomi with 10,5% and the last one from five leaders is HMD Global, which manufactures Nokia smartphones. All others manufacturers got 11,2% market share together.

Samsung and Xiaomi earned highest sales raise – Samsung by 26% and Xiaomi’s sales raised by 73%. Xiaomi is known for its cheap and powerful smartphones, though some users may be afraid because of scandal where Xiaomi sent users’ data to Chinese government.

Because of US sanctions, sales of Huawei in Europe were stagnating. Though in the west Europe sales dropped by 17%, in the middle and east Europe sales raised by 26%.

Apple’s sales dropped by 4%.

And Nokia? Do you remember first decade of 21th century, when Nokia was king of mobile phones? Now Nokia’s sales dropped by 21%.

It will be interesting looking at trends in the upcoming decade. Will be Samsung the next Nokia, or it will claim its crown?

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