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By | 21/11/2019

Countdowns - Track EventsI like same user experience and app parity across my all devices. Sometimes, version for Mac is behind its iOS counterpart and it also applies in reverse order. Power of Apple ecosystem is in apps, which often support more (or all) Apple platforms – macOS for Macs, iOS/iPadOS for iPhones/iPads, watchOS for Apple Watches and Apple TV for Apple’s smart set-top-box. Because I’m user of all Apple’s platforms (except tvOS), I really value when developers support all platforms I use. With Catalyst in macOS Catalina, many apps, which were not available (or discontinued) on macOS, celebrate their release/return on Mac platform, like Twitter for Mac. I was finding a good countdown app for all my devices to relace my old countdown app because it was discontinued. I have chosen Countdowns by Shayes Apps.

Countdowns is a simple, but powerful app. Just set few data – title, date, time, icon (not required), repeat (not required), alert options (not required), add some notes (not required) and optionally set if you want to see your countdown in handy widget. If you have enabled Lists feature in settings, it will also ask you which list you want to use.

Design is clean and clear:

Countdowns Homescreen

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Widget looks good too:

Countdowns Widget

After in-app purchase, you can unlock full potential of Countdowns app, like custom notifications with customizable alert sound, so no more annoying Tri-tone, which is used by most of the apps as notification sound, often without option to select another sound. Countdowns offers 12 different sounds you may know from iOS library of predefined sounds. Another paid features worth to look at are iCloud sync, custom Lists feature, ability to show dates alongside each countdown and ability to set custom default settings for creating new countdowns.

App is fully optimized for iOS 13, I only miss Spotlight support. Dark Mode, iPad multitasking, Siri integration, support for Apple Watch and watchOS 6 including watchOS Complications, Notification Centre widget, all is here and for free.

You can also import events from Calendar.

Though this is review of iOS version, macOS version is almost the same – both UI and features. In version for Mac, I’m missing Notification Centre widget and custom sounds feature to replace annoying Tri-tone.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Countdowns – Track Events

Countdowns – Track Events

Countdowns – Track Events on the Mac App Store

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