Apple is hiring engineers for next generation of media apps for Windows

iTunes LogoProbably the most known Windows software from Apple is iTunes. If you ever owned iPhone, iPad or any iPod and you were Windows user, iTunes software was must-have, because there were no other ways how to sync music (though iOS-based devices could bypass this by 3rd party music players) and to update your devices, when over-the-air updates were not available. Also, you needed iTunes to restore in DFU mode. Required component for iTunes was QuickTime, slow and buggy bloatware. To be honest, never install Apple software on Windows, unless there is no other way. Though Apple in macOS Catalina discontinued iTunes for Mac, iTunes for Windows is still here. It’s not known if iTunes for Windows will be replaced in way Apple did in macOS Catalina, but Apple is hiring engineers for media apps for Windows.

Apple is still hiring engineers for its Windows software. Recently, on, as reported by Neowin, Apple is finding new engineers. It’s possible, that Apple is working on new software to replace its Windows’s iTunes. Apple in the last times introduced many multimedia services, like Apple News Plus, which only works on Apple’s platforms. As for Apple Music, it’s also available for Windows in form of current iTunes and for some Android-based mobile devices as dedicated app, and Apple TV+ is also available on Samsung Smart TVs, Roku devices, and Fire TV devices.

As I said, in macOS Catalina was iTunes eliminated and replaced by new Music, Podcasts, and TV apps. Something similar may happen to its Windows counterpart. Question is how will these potential new apps sync with Apple’s devices. In macOS Catalina, syncing is done via Finder integration.

iTunes and iCloud software for Windows are looking like legacy apps and are outdated. Just hope, that Apple’s softwares for Windows will be great again.

In the past, Apple was also developing Safari for Windows. And yes, Safari for Windows was crapware and Apple itself discontinued it before many years. Safari for Mac was created to replace Internet Explorer from Microsoft as default Internet browser in Mac OS X. First version of Safari for Mac was released in 2003 with Mac OS X Panther. Internet Explorer for Mac ended at version 5, and now, Microsoft offers its Microsoft Edge browser for macOS.

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