Payments in Messenger by Facebook Pay service

Facebook LogoGoogle Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay… many companies are providing their own payment services for masses. And Facebook does not want to fall behind. Facebook and its owned services, like Instagram and WhatsApp, are used by many people. Probably the most popular messaging service in the World is Messenger – with exception of countries where is Facebook banned, like China. And Facebook wants to benefit from it. Facebook’s service called Facebook Pay will be available directly in Messenger.

Facebook Pay is not classic payment service – it’s limited to online payments by credit card or linked PayPal account. You will be able to shop within Messenger and Facebook apps without leaving your apps. This service will be later expanded to WhatsApp and Instagram. Also, you will be able to send/receive money to/from your Facebook friends.

Facebook Pay is currently limited to USA, but in the future it will expand to other countries. As for cryptocurrency Libra, Facebook notes that Libra and Facebook Pay are strictly separated.

Some people are complaining that Messenger is too bloated and it provides many, many features beyond chat service. And I agree. With privacy issues and censorship from Facebook, this was the main reason why I moved to Telegram.

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