Beta of iOS 13.3 fixes multitasking bug

By | 06/11/2019

iOS 10 MultitaskingNot only me, but, based on feedback from Internet from the whole World, many iOS 13 (iPhones and iPods touch) and iPadOS 13 (iPads) users experience poor multitasking performance, especially on version 13.2 of iOS/iPadOS. Apps in background are killed very fast, due to poor RAM management. I was finding some apps in the App Store app, then I found an app I was interested in, and then I clicked on link to developer’s website and when I returned to search results from App Store app from Safari browser, App Store got refreshed and my search results were lost. I have iPad Pro with 4 GB of RAM and I was running only few apps – nothing demanding, but App Store still got refreshed.

Of course, this is not limited to just App Store app. Many users experience poor RAM management, for example, in YouTube app. If you put YouTube app to background, for example because you needed to reply to message, and then you returned back to YouTube app, it got refreshed. Hopefully, it looks like this strange behaviour is fixed in upcoming 13.3 beta.

Aaron Zollo (@zollotech) from Twitter tweeted:

iOS 13.3 Beta seems like it fixes the apps reloading / RAM management issue. I have opened 32 apps and have not had one reload yet on iPhone 11 Pro Max

And later:

I keep testing App reloading…I find that it is much better than before. iPad Air 2 for example it seems to be better. I opened 8 applications. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then opened them again. Not one reloaded. Then I locked it, let it sit for 3 minutes. Only safari reloaded.

iOS 13.3 and its iPad counterpart are currently available as beta for developers, but public beta is likely to be ready soon. Just note, that you should not use beta software on your main productivity device(s).

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