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By | 05/11/2019

Adobe PhotoshopIn the beginning of iPad, there were no professional apps for it. Steve Jobs himself introduced iPad as device for better experience for some key tasks – like web browsing or typing an e-mail. Something between iPhone and MacBook Pro. Later, iOS was getting more and more robust and Apple with iOS 9 re-invented iPad with iPad-specific features like more apps on the same screen – multitasking. iPad evolution continued with iOS 11, introducing central file storage – Files app – and drag-n-drop and another great features. With iOS 11, Serif company introduced desktop-class Affinity Photo for iPad. Yes, real Photoshop for iPad. Apple takes iPad serious, and with iOS 13, it created dedicated iOS fork for iPads called iPadOS. While Android tablets are slowly dying, iPad aims to replace your laptop.

More and more users are tired of paying monthly fees for software from Adobe, which will never own, and many of them already switched to products from Affinity family – Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. The first two ones are already available for iPad, Affinity Publisher is planned to be released sometimes next year. And Adobe knows it. This was probably main reason, why Adobe decided to create a desktop-class Photoshop for iPad. Adobe already developed some apps for iOS before years, but they were just toys and not professional desktop-class apps. And that’s not all – Adobe also announced that Adobe Illustrator will come to iPad at late 2020.

Some users may get worried about performance. This may be truth on classic iPads if you try to open a really big PSD file, but iPads Pro are much more powerful. Also thanks to modern Apple’s technology, like Metal 2, even large PSD files are no problem for the latest iPads Pro. I’m not sure how Adobe optimized Photoshop for iPad, but I tested it on Affinity Photo for iPad, and also based from reports from the World, there are no issues with performance, till you are not using really big PSD files that are usually rendered on powerful desktop workstations with powerful CPU and multiple GPUs.

iPad and desktop versions of Adobe Photoshop are fully compatible, no needs to convert files. It just works, as Apple would say. Work on Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ is automatically saved to the cloud as a PSD file via the new cloud documents feature. Adobe is overhauling cloud documents to support the PSD format.

Though initial iPad Photoshop release is not as capable as Afinity Photo, Adobe said it’s just beginning and company will add more features over time.

And price?

Here in Slovakia (European Union) it’s 10,99 euro per month with initial 30 free trial. If you are customer paying for Creative Cloud and you have already paid subscription for Photoshop for desktop, its iPad version is included at no additional costs.

Photoshop for iPad is available on the App Store for free. If you just want to try it or compare with Affinity Photo, don’t forget to cancel auto-renewing subscription before trial expires.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Adobe Photoshop

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