Google plans its own wearables, Fitbit acquired

By | 01/11/2019

Fitbit Versa 2Smart watch is what changed my outdoor activity. I have written a STORY about it. My friend, you may know him as Zurtes from this blog, also got smart watch. I have chosen Apple brand, because I have many Apple devices and they are working together very well. Zurtes got product from Fixbit, as he is Android and Windows user. Google wants its own wearables too, so that was reason why Google acquired Fitbit for 2.1 billion dollars. Acquisition will be probably done in early 2020, as it is pending for regulatory approvals.

Google said:

Over the years, Google has made progress with partners in this space with Wear OS and Google Fit, but we see an opportunity to invest even more in Wear OS as well as introduce Made by Google wearable devices into the market. Fitbit has been a true pioneer in the industry and has created engaging products, experiences and a vibrant community of users. By working closely with Fitbit’s team of experts, and bringing together the best AI, software and hardware, we can help spur innovation in wearables and build products to benefit even more people around the world.

Many current Fitbit smart watches owners may be afraid because of privacy. Google is known for its privacy policy, which is not very “friendly” and Google is tracking users of its services, especially Android users. In European Union, Google has it harder, because of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), but situation is not ideal even in EU. Fitbit said, that Fitbit health data will not be used for Google ads, though it’s not clear how big control will have Google over Fitbit Health data.

Fitbit continues to support both Android and iOS users, but if I were a Fitbit user, I would not be happy with Google’s acquisition, like in cause of YouTube acquisition by Google.

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