Twitter confessed the fact it served more ads to less popular users

TwitterOnce I have recognized that most developers of apps I use on my Mac, iPad and iPhone, got Twitter account. That was a reason why I created my account on Twitter and started to following them all. It’s great and funny way to reveal news about apps and also to get direct support from developers, or to send a feature request. I’m not an user who take photos of dinner or selfies in bathroom. All users, which I follow, I don’t know personally. But it looks like Twitter is digging a grave. Though its popularity is decreasing, they cut API access for 3rd party Twitter clients and the official app is not very good looking, especially on iPad Pro, because it is, unlike Tweetbot, not optimized for large screen.

And now, Twitter has new scandal – with ads. If you were popular Twitter user with many followers, you got much less ads than users with low number of followers. Official reason was that these popular users bring new people to platform and Twitter want to protect against leaking of these popular users. Regulal Twitter users got more ads.

But since now, Twitter balanced it. Popular users will get the same amount of ads, regardless of popularity.

Third quarter financial results are worse than investors predicted. One of the reason was leak of some private data to advertisers, though these data should not be shared.

I would be glad for great Twitter client, but the official one is garbage and third party clients, like Tweetbot, got cut of allowed APIs.

Btw, you can find me on Twitter as CBC_Raynor.

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