New SSDs for NAS devices

By | 26/10/2019

WD Red SSDNAS is great device. Imagine it as a small computer which serves as network disk and is available to all users in your LAN. Optionally, a lot of models allows you to access it from Internet, outside of your home LAN. More advanced NAS devices also allow you to install your own 3rd-party apps. Personally, I use Dropbox app on my NAS to automatically backup my Dropbox files to my home NAS. Also, you can create user accounts and give them different permissions. For example, parents can be admins and children will be granted only to access specific folders on NAS. NAS is not just a disk connected to router, it’s a powerful device for advanced IT users.

NAS devices, based on model, can include one or more disks. And that’s a problem. NAS devices usually write and read a lot of data on disks, which may cause lower durability and stability. That’s reason why NAS devices usually use server-class disks. Personally, I have WD Red 2 TB in my NAS. SSD disks are more affected by writing/reading of many data. Many IT professionals got in their computers SSD disk for operating system and installed software and classic HDD for storing user’s data.

Western Digital recently introduced new SSDs from Red line, Red SA500. SSDs are much faster than classic HDDs, but in NAS devices still dominate classic HDDs. Red SA500 SSDs with SATA interface offer up to 4 TB of capacity. Also, there are available models with M.2 interface with capacity of 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. The M.2 SSDs in 2.5-inch form factor also offer 4 TB of capacity.

Limit of writable data varies by capacity, starting with 350 TBW for 500 GB model, 600 TBW for 1 TB model, 1.3 PBW for 2 TB model and ending with 2.5 PBW for 4 TB model.

Price is very affortable. M.2 models, in the USA, are priced from 72 USD (500 GB model) up to 297 USD (2 TB model). The 2.5-inch form factor version starts at 75 USD (500 GB model) up to 600 USD (4 TB model). To compare, WD Red NAS HDD with 14 TB of capacity costs 450 USD and WD Red NAS Pro HDD with the same capacity is priced at 525 USD.

These new models are currently only available in USA, since November they will be available globally.

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