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By | 24/10/2019

Apple Watch Series 4Hello everyone, this is 4th story on this blog from me. I decided to live more healthier and to re-manage my sport habits to lose weight. We are sitting at our computers and smartphones more and more and moving less and less, and amount of young people with overweight is raising. I was finding impuls, and that impuls was Apple Watch. It’s funny to walk and after activity at home, just check steps count, calories burned, average hearth pulses, etc. For me as “gadgetboy” it’s really good motivation.

My friend Zurtes wanted to lose weight too, so he is visiting fitness centrum for some years. Thanks to Apple Watch, I raised my “lazy ass” and I started to walk for about one hour everyday. It’s good for health and condition.

Also, I installed some apps to my Apple Watch, like 3rd party pulse meter, steps counter, workout app Workouts++, sleep tracker, etc. My model is Apple Watch Series 4, which features ECG feature. Health functions are important for me as a person with damaged health – I was almost one year in hospital.

In the future, I will investigate Apple Watch more deeply, and you can look forward for some Apple Watch apps reviews, guides, tips and more.

Apple Watch is something that may change my life to better. If you are person like “I will start next week” and you are interested in IT and technology, smart watches may pump you up to live more healthier.

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