Instagram will get web clone of Messenger

InstagramIn the past, being on Facebook was cool and trendy. After many privacy scandals and also because of controversial terms of service – all what you upload on Facebook is Facebook’s property – some users deleted their Facebook account. I would be glad to ditch Facebook completely, but I still got many contacts, which use mostly Messenger and it’s not easy to persuade them to use tools like Telegram. Many current Facebook users mostly use Messenger and stories feature, and Facebook knows that. As you may notice, Instagram gets raising popularity among young people, though it is owned by the same company – Facebook, Inc.

Facebook is stagnating, many new and younger users use as primary platform Instagram. Facebook corporation introduced app called Threads and now, it’s also creating a web version of Direct – it’s nothing other but platform to send instant messages within Instagram.

Only mobile Instagram apps got right to send messages within platforms, but in early time, you will be able to send messages from desktop computers and mobile devices without using dedicated app. There is a workaround within developer settings in many popular browsers to switch to “mobile mode” and to spoof user agent, but that’s nothing that common user knows.

According to leaked images, design will be a clone of web Messenger. For Facebook corporation is it important, because company plans to merge all communicators – Messenger, WhatsApp and mentioned Instagram – into one, so that’s why similar design, though merging of these platforms won’t happen in near future.

Personally, when I’m looking at profiles on other social networks, users ofter mention their Instagram username to follow, but only rarely I see link to Facebook profile. And yes, most of these users are young people. Btw, how many common users know that Facebook and Instagram, and also WhatsApp, is owned by the same company?

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