Twitter for Mac is back

TwitterAs we reported HERE, Twitter decided to drop support and to end development of macOS desktop Twitter client. Maybe you have heard about Apple’s project Catalyst (formerly known as “Marzipan”), which allows to easy port iOS apps to macOS. It’s a multi-year project, which aims to bring more apps to Mac. Under the hood, iOS and macOS are very similar, iOS itself is a derivation of macOS. The biggest difference that average user may see is user interface. Thanks to Catalyst, some great iOS apps will find their way to Mac. And this also applies to Twitter’s desktop app.

Though Twitter company before more than year decided to drop its Mac app, with introduction of Catalyst company decided to bring Twitter’s app experience back to macOS desktop. It was announced for the first time at 2019 WWDC in June. It’s not just a port or something like Electron app, it’s a full featured desktop macOS app.

New Twitter desktop app requires macOS Catalina, as it is based on Catalyst technology, which is not available in previous versions of macOS. App is free and available on the Mac App Store.

You can download Twitter here:

Twitter for Mac

Twitter on the Mac App Store

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