YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music

By | 30/09/2019

Android LogoIn macOS Catalina, Apple will split iTunes into three apps and iOS devices will be synced via Finder. One of the new apps will be app called just “Music”. It’s end of bloated iTunes, new Music app will focus on your music and mainly Apple Music. Google is making changes with its services too, but in other way. Owners of Android smartphones and tablets got pre-installed Google Play Music. Since Android 10 (and some devices since Android 9), Google Play Music won’t be pre-installed and will be replaced by YouTube Music. If you want to use Google Play Music, you will have to download it manually.

It looks like Google Play Music will be discontinued in unspecified time. Google want to merge “duplicate” services in favor of YouTube Premium, which includes YouTube Music. If you wanted to listen to YouTube Music, you had to download app from Google Play. Since now, YouTube Music will be pre-installed and Google Play Music will be the app you need to download.

Google Play Music app will be available in Google Play Store and if you want to continue to use this service, just download app and log in again.

YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006. Google is known to kill its own services pretty regularly, but YouTube (and Gmail, Google Docs and Google Search) are here for years and there are, unlike with other services, no signs of discontinuation. Google ended its Google Video service in favor of YouTube and it looks like Google Play Music will be slowly discontinued too.

If you are interested in how many services Google cancelled, visit THIS WEBSITE.

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