Microsoft banned CCleaner on official forums – is it truth?

By | 29/09/2019

Microsoft 3D LogoCCleaner is a legendary software. I was using it too on Windows XP and Windows 7, till I moved completely to macOS from Apple. This cleaning app includes many advanced features and in wrong or unexperienced hands it could cause serious damage to system. Also in the past, servers of CCleaner’s developers were hacked and it spread a malware. That did not help much to reputation and because of bad compatibility with Windows 10, Microsoft reportedly took a radical action – CCleaner was banned on official forums.

It was said, that on Microsoft’s forums, where you can with community solve problems with computers, users are no longer allowed to post links leading to CCleaner’s website – Microsoft reportedly banned total of 11 domains, and is one of them. If you on Microsoft forums post a link leading to domain from banlist, link will be removed from your post. This banlist was issued recently and only moderators were informed about it.

Many servers informed about this, but recently, the original source of report of a ban, server HTNovo, said:

CCleaner is not in any Microsoft Blacklist and there are no Blacklists regarding other domains in the official Microsoft forums.

CCleaner is a very popular piece of software. It can not only delete unneeded files, like caches or Recycle bin, but also it’s able to delete records in Windows Registry and to optimize startup of system. Though CCleaner is relatively simple to use, you should only use features you know what they are for.

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