New budget iPad has 3 GB RAM

By | 28/09/2019

iPad 2019On the latest Apple event in September, Apple introduced updated version of its budget iPad 2018. It’s just evolution, its heart is still A10 Fusion SoC, but it has bigger, 10.2-inch display. Also, it now features Smart Connector, so you can use external keyboards for Smart Connector instead of relying on Bluetooth hardware. As for A10 Fusion chip, I personally think that Apple should equip this iPad with A11 SoC, because A10 Fusion is little outdated, it’s a chip from iPhone 7. I understand that it’s a budget iPad, but why not A11 chip if Apple wanted to keep this iPad as a low cost device? I don’t think that it could increase price of entry level iPad at any way.

Hopefully, Smart Connector and bigger display are not the only improvements. Guys from iFixit tore down 2019 budget iPad, and they discovered it has 3 GB of RAM. To compare, budget iPad from 2018 (and 2017 too) only got 2 GB of RAM.

Interesting is, that it got the same 8,227 mAh/32.9 Wh battery as its ancestor from 2018.

Pricing continues to start at 329 USD in the United States.

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