How to uninstall apps on macOS

By | 22/09/2019

macOS Trash Can ClassicUninstalling apps on macOS looks very easy. Just drag app icon from Applications folder to Trash Can icon and then just empty the Trash. Though this is the official way how to delete apps, deleted apps may leave traces in system. Data files burrowed deeply in macOS system, preferencies folders, plugins and other data may still remain on your Mac. Apple does not offer official utility to completely delete apps you no longer need, so this hole was filled by 3rd party developers. The app I use and strongly recommend is called AppCleaner.

AppCleaner is a simple utility – just open app, drag here your unwanted piece of software and AppCleaner will find all traces in system. After launch, user interface is very simple:

AppCleaner Empty

After you drag-n-drop an app into that window, something like this appears – demonstrated on Mozilla Firefox:

AppCleaner Firefox

This is job for what was AppCleaner created. Simple and clean. But that’s not all. You can also protect default macOS applications that came with operating system itself and running apps. I strongly recommend to use this feature, it’s turned on by default. Additionally, you can set custom list of apps to get protected status.

After deleting app with AppCleaner, just empty Trash and you are done.

Sometimes, you may forget to use AppCleaner when deleting apps. For this case, AppCleaner offers feature called “SmartDelete”. Everytime, when you trash an application, AppCleaner will automatically open and offers you to delete related files. This works even when AppCleaner is not running, so you don’t have to take care if AppCleaner is running.

AppCleaner is the best app of its kind I found and also many advanced users recommend it. And it’s completely free for all.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:


AppCleaner on developer’s website

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