iPadOS will be here sooner than expected

By | 21/09/2019

iPadOS IntroIn the last years, Apple usually released new major versions of macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS at the same or similar time. This is good, because Apple is known for its great ecosystem and we are able to experience latest technologies across all Apple’s devices and to avoid inconsistencies across platforms. Personally, I own iMac, iPhone and iPad and thanks to Apple’s ecosystem, my devices work great together. In the past, I had Android smartphone, which did not fit very well in my workflow. Hopefully, I got iPhone and it was great purchase.

But this year, something strange happened. iOS was available since 19th September, but iPadOS was scheduled to 30th September and macOS Catalina release date was set to sometime in October! This may be problematic, for example, for users, which decide to use revamped Reminders app. New Reminders app from iOS 13 is not compatible with macOS Mojave or earlier. Also, it makes problems for developers and developing ecosystem. It’s strange, why Apple decided so.

Another pain is fact, that if you own both iPhone and iPad, your iPhone may be already on iOS 13, but your iPad is stuck on older iOS 12 till Apple releases iPadOS (iOS 13 dedicated for iPads). Originally, it was set to 30th September, but I have good news. On Apple’s website, iPadOS release date was set to 24th September.

I was also looking for macOS Catalina release date on Apple’s official website, it’s still set to sometime in October.

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