PCalc – one of the first apps released with iOS 13 automatic Dark Mode based on iOS settings

iOS 13 LogoiOS 13 for iPhones and iPadOS 13 for iPads will be ready soon, but developers can already release apps with iOS 13 features, like automatic Dark Mode based on system settings. Today, I received update from App Store and I installed my first non-beta app with iOS 13 features. It was PCalc. If you are running iOS 13 beta or iPadOS 13 beta, you can try it too. Of course, apps could support dark interface before years by their own implementation, if developers decided so, but now it’s fully native and consistent between all apps and operating system itself.

I tried to enable automatic Dark Mode in PCalc and then I was switching between Light and Dark Mode in iOS itself. And it worked. Just wait for developers to update their apps, and you will have no longer to switch between Light/Dark mode manually in many apps when you decide to use dark/light interface in iOS. It was annoying to manually enable Dark Mode in apps like Things 3 or Agenda and many others when I used iOS 13 Dark Mode in public betas. Now, it will be fully automatic, like now in macOS Mojave and most of apps I’m using.

James Thomson, developer of PCalc, is doing great job and he is adding support for new features from major releases of iOS operating system very fast. For years I’m using PCalc, all updates of PCalc were for free and he also offers lite version if you are not sure.

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